Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Hearing & Sound

For all the teachers out there that teach Hearing & Sound, have I got some centres for you! I went to a workshop last year put on by the Calgary Regional Consortium. One of the presenters handed out centre ideas. I took her ideas and did what any teacher does, made them my own. After briefly introducing sound, pitch and loudness, I had the students go through these centres to explore the sound concepts in small groups and then record their observations. Following this we reflected on each centre and identified what students discovered about sound, pitch and loudness.

Here is a list of the centres as well as the concepts being covered:
  1. The Noisy Bottles – exploring pitch & different ways to make sound
  2. Hanging Sounds – sound travelling through different mediums
  3. Pan Pipes – length of a musical instrument affects the pitch
  4. Crazy Kazoo – how sound is made
  5. Muffled Music – absorbed and amplified sound
  6. Stringing Along – exploring pitch. Thick and thin elastics
  7. Telephone – sound through a solid
  8. Making Waves – using tuning forks to discover loudness & sound through different mediums

The centres can be downloaded using this link.

Feel free to change and edit these centres to fit what works for you!

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