Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Happy Week Off!

Oh, I am loving having a few days off to myself. Yesterday was Family Day in Alberta and since Thursday and Friday are Teacher Convention, we also have today and tomorrow off. So, what do teachers do on their time off? Well, a plethora of different things. I, personally, catch up on all the things I am not able to do during the busy weeks. Yesterday my husband and I spent the entire day gutting out 'new' house. The day started off a bit shaky, but we managed to accomplish quite a bit in the end.
Today we might go back for the morning, but then in the afternoon I am heading to school to get caught up on life in the classroom.
Here is a list of things I hope to accomplish over the next couple of days:
  • Rearrange my classroom - I am finding that it's not quite set up the way I'd like to to be for guided math and Daily 5. I figure if this is how I am going to teach, I'd better make the room compatible. 
  • Start on report cards - Our term ends on March 2, but I already have marks complete for science and math. I should be able to get those two subjects finished. 
  • Plan guided math - I really want to get more into this, so I need to do more research and planning as I slowly phase in. My students are so excited about this, which makes me want to  give it all I've got.
  • Mark - oh do I have a pile and a half to catch up on!
  • Plan other subjects - I am starting a new Social Studies unit on government soon and a new unit on building. I should get a better idea of what I want to change from last year and add.
  • Write my March newsletter - once I am more planned for the month I can tackle writing the newsletter. 
  • Sort and organize - If I am rearranging my room, I am most likely going to to be sorting and 'Spring Cleaning' my resources. I am only in my 4th year of teaching, but I refuse to keep things that I have never used and most likely won't. Cluttered, is not an adjective that I ever want used to describe my classroom. 
Wow, that looks more daunting written out than in my head. Most likely I have set my 'To Do List' expectations too high and won't accomplish all of them, but here is to staying positive!

Have a great week everyone!

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