Monday, 26 March 2012

Dear Journal

Dear Journal,
How time flies. I can't believe that it is already March 26 and I haven't written a post all month! I am sorry for that and if you would believe, I do have some excuses reasons I'd like to share with you. Well, the first is that it's March and in my school that means it's report card time. I spent the first week of March assessing 17 wonderful children and writing a monstrous amount of comments. Then, I turned 28 and well, I had to deal with that for a few days. In the end I decided that age would come no matter what I did and I just can't stop people from singing 'Happy Birthday', so enjoy it. My husband did bake me two cakes, which was just the best part of my day.
My third reason from my absence from cyber world has to do with this house that we bought in January. I may have mentioned that it's 100 year old and that it is was a dump, a slum, a project more than a livable building. Needless to say, we have been spending every weekend and spare moment ripping the place a part and planning how to put it back together. Steve's (my husband's) father is coming on Thursday (in 3 days -yikes!) to help. In order to get ready for him, we had to have the entire thing gutted, the plans drawn up and materials ordered. If my husband wasn't knee deep in his own teaching practicum, I think it would be a smoother, less stressful process.
Well, those are my three main reasons for neglecting you. I really did miss expressing my ideas and thoughts and of course cruising through other teacher web sites for amazing ideas. I am truly happy to have returned and offer my sincerest of apologizes if you missed me.
March may be almost over, but I have a week off in April and plan to post a few times to keep up to date with my ideas and what is happening in grade three.
Well, I should get back to Student Led Conferences, yes I am still at school and will be until 7 tonight.
Until next time Journal...