Saturday, 13 July 2013

DIY: Costumes

Some of my students most memorable days are the ones when routine is broken, or better yet - dress code is altered. These favourite days would be the dress-up days. I know that students love it even more when their business-casual dressed teacher walks in wearing something awesome.
Here are some of the costumes I made myself - usually the night before our dress-up day:

Costume 1: Captian Primary
Description - This made-up superhero changes the colour of anything she touches to a brillant primary shade. With that said, she also protects the primary grades. 

- white t-shirt
- blue sports shorts
- red tights
- yellow soccer socks
- yellow Toms
- random pieces of primary coloured fabric from your scrap fabric basket
- safety pins

Costume 2: Snail
Our dress-up theme on Halloween was 'Favourite Animal'. I can't say that a snail is my favourite animal, but it was my favourite animal costume. I did borrow this idea from pinterest and it turned out spendidly.

- string
- thick gold-coloured headband
- wooden dowels
- pom-poms
- cardboard
- roll of brown paper 
- a lot of packing tape

- visit this blog to get all the visuals and a look at who deserves credit for this amazing costume: 

Costume 3: Birthday Outft
Description - this outfit was lovingly made for me by some of my student' parents. You can read about it in my previous blog post called The Year of The Moms .

- yards of colourful crinoline
- elastic
- birthday sash
- tiara
- a positive attitude

I'd love to see or hear about your school costumes. I know that these are also some of my favourite memories as a kid and I can't wait until next year to make a few new costumes.

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